As a proud owner of an outdoor pool, you should remember to regularly maintain its surroundings in a distinguished manner. Each couple of months you rub your finger on your pool screen, and sure thing there is some chalky oxidation showing again. It occurs because of the brutal amount of Floridian sun and humidity that makes all paints and textures to virtually turn into powder. You would think that is annoying enough, but this is just a peak of the iceberg…

Your pool area sees a lot of action over the summer, and is constantly attracting algae, mold, mildew and lots of other types of bacteria from the fungus kingdom to spread with the tremendous speed on all of its surfaces. Hot and moist environment makes a perfect home for them to phenomenally spawn at. 

Silverback Powerwash, LLC
Silverback Powerwash, LLC

Besides fungus microbe’s growth looks dirty and smells dump, it also feeds on the surface that it is attached to, causing a slow yet perceived demolition of your property. But most importantly, it is making your precious lanai area very slippery to walk on and causing life-threatening diseases to you and your family members.

Screened pool areas are one of the most sensitive parts of your property you should constantly maintain. However, it is not an easy task to do on your own, and you should definitely rely on professional technicians when cleaning and disinfecting such areas. Whether it’s wood, stone, pavers, marble, decorative tile or any other type of surface, a suitable soft pressure washing treatment can do the magic of killing those bacterias for a long term. A professional soft pressure cleaning will not only make your environment sustainably healthy, but will prevent decaying of materials  and further damage of your property.

Lanai and pool deck pressure washing takes a lot of experience and an appropriate certification for disinfection. SILVERBACK POWERWASH takes pool cage services very seriously. We use an adjustable soft wash system for your screened enclosure and its variety of textures, that lets us to delude specific cleansers in perfect proportions, so it is safe for you, your property and the environment. Our certified professionals can safely remove all of the harmful life-forms from your pool area, leaving no chance for them to reproduce for a long while, but for you to safely enjoy those fabulous pool parties with your loved ones.


Do you wish your environment was spotless and healthy for you and your family? Call your local pressure cleaning experts at SILVERBACK POWERWASH today at  (504) 527-9274 to arrange your free estimate appointment as well as 10% discount on any-size project as our first-time client! We will make sure, you are proud to look at your pool surroundings again.


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